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The Classes :


The content of my classes, whatever the technique is, doesn't vary in its essence :
- a small number of students for a better availability
- a personalised teaching which will respect your style and guide you according to your abilities : you are not coming to the classes to work as I do
- you will work on your favourite topics : you will choose what you will work on (except for basic exercises if you are a beginner), and topics which belong to you.

My goal is to lead you further if you come as a beginner and to lead you towards autonomy if you already know one or two pictorial techniques.
Working in small groups allows sharing and fellowship. Students' artworks benefit one another in a good atmosphere.


Techniques :

Acrylics, mixed techniques, gouache, watercolours, drawing and others

Students :
Children, teenagers, adults / beginners, advanced

Workshop in the city centre of Dinan : 5, Impasse Reslou (rue de l'Horloge), Dinan

For more details please contact Catherine Joyeux at or by phone : +33 6 80 22 45 26

Material included except for canvasses or specific material.


Schedules :

Monday - Tuesday – Wednesday - Thursday : 2 pm till 7 pm Saturday : 9.30 am till 12:30

Travel diaries :


A travel diary is a good way to tell your stories by drawing your holiday memories.
I offer classes in which you will create your own travel diary (drawing / watercolours) while touring the Old city of Dinan, « Ville d'Art et d'Histoire ». We will walk in the streets and discover the main features, follow the pictorial route and timber-framed houses onto the port. We will go through the famous « Rue du Jerzual », gardens, neighbouring countryside and along the banks of the Rance river.
Former « Cité des Ducs », surrounded by ancient walls (renown in the area), Dinan is one of the most beautiful medieval cities of the county. Let's not forget the beautiful site of Léhon « Petite cité de caractère » , its abbey and gardens.

Techniques : Drawing / Watercolours / Ink / Perspective.


Material needed :

- A sketchbook 160 /180 gr - Pencils : HB / 2B / 5B
- a black felt tip pen

- an eraser / a water pot / a pencil sharpener / a cloth - a simple watercolour box + paintbrushes
- a small fold-up seat

About me : Catherine Joyeux :


Professional painter member of the « Maison des Artistes ».
Degree of Applied Fine Arts and teacher at the « Education Nationale »

I was born in Versailles, a city of Art and History. I lived there and in Paris. Then I moved to Britanny where I've been living for more than 20 years.
I currently live and work in Dinan, another city of Art and History, and city of « Métiers d'Art ». Therefore I may say there are many inspiring places here...
This medieval city is located close to St Malo and Dinard, by the Rance river.

Watercolour painter by passion, I worked for 30 years with the Gallery « Terre des Arts » in Paris. Many figurative topics, flowers, landscapes, indoors scenes, people...
Then I went towards Abstract, lyrical expression, large canvasses. Movements, energy, colours, hand-writing, literature, light...

I have always been a painter. This is my job, my essence, I love it and I want to pass it on ! You want to learn ? There is only one method :
to draw and to draw... Drawing is the indispensable base to be able to create.

How ? By doing, trying... Practice makes perfect.

Dancers, musicians, singers, comedians, painters work every day to maintain and improve their art.

Thanks to my classes and workshops, with my experience, everyone can do it ! If you want to, you can !
Improvements are spectacular. Everyone has their own rhythm. Let's not forget that drawing was the first means of communication before writing.


For beginners : you will acquire basic techniques and precise learning methods. For advanced students : you will acquire advanced techniques.
You will all learn to observe and look at things in a different way.

Portraits, expressions, proportions, outlines, landscapes.
Compositions, perspectives, depths of field, volumes, shadows and lights, contrasts, textures, transparency, brightness, velvet effects, folds of fabric, movements.


The techniques I teach are very varied :
- drawing : graphite, charcoal, black stone, red chalk
- watercolours – ink – gouache – wash drawing – pastel - acrylic paint on canvas or cardboard.

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